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Noten Super HD Board Technical Features & Applications

Characteristic Wood/Plywood Noten Super HD Boards
Water Proof & Moisture Proof
Termite Proof & Pest Proof
Weather & Ageing Resistant
No Shrinking & Swelling
Bacteria & Fungus Resistant
Fire Retardant
Characteristic Wood/Plywood Noten Super HD Boards
Maintenance Free
Quicker installation
Sawing & Cutting
Smooth Surface Less Smooth Much Smoother & glossy
Gluing & Lamination
Boiling Water Proof 8 Hours Only For Longer Time
Environment Friendly

Features & Applications

Suitable For
Minimum contraction and expansion Cutting
Easy to mould, screw or grout Sawing
Various finishes can be done Shearing
Quicker installation Punching
Water Proof & Moisture Proof Drilling
Termite Proof & Pest Proof Nailing
Paintable & Washable Milling
Solid & Light Weight Riveting
Weather & Ageing Resistant Screwing Wall
No Shrinking & Swelling Painting
Bacteria & Fungus Resistant Printing
Fire Retardant Switch Cabinets
Timeless Warranty Embossing
Maintenance Free Engraving
Kitchen Cabinets
Countertops and tables
False Ceilings
Laboratory Tables
Full Work Stations
Wall Cladding
Photo Mounting
Electric control Panels & More applications possible based on the skill of the applicator
Advertising Board and many more

Technical Data Sheet

Test Test Method Unit Value
Tensile Strength IS 13360 Part 5 Sec I Kg/cm2 105
Elongation at Break IS 13360 Part 5 Sec I % 13
Durometer Hardness IS 13360 Part 5 Sec II Shore D 85
Screw Holding Capacity Self Tapping Screw Kgf 76
Flammability(self extinguishing) ASTM D 635 Sec <5
Test Test Method Unit Value
Izod Impact Strength(UN) ASTM C 256 j/m No break
Compression Strength ASTM D 695 Kg/cm2 198
Density (Apparent) APTC g/cc 0.675
Water Absorption After 24 Hr/RT % 1.2
Vicat Softening Astm D 1525 oC 78
Screw Withdrawal Strength IS 1734 N 1274